The Wee Mad Road
A midlife escape to the Scottish Highlands
by Jack and Barbara Maloney

       Book design: Crystal Nichols
"...funny, touching, insightful, The Wee Mad Road is well worth traveling, if only from the comfort of your favorite armchair."
       Neill Kennedy Ray, SCOTTISH LIFE magazine, Summer 2008
"If youíre looking for a respite from politics and war, you can lose yourself in The Wee Mad idyllic itíll make you Highland green with envy."
       Mary Ann Grossman, Saint Paul Sunday PIONEER PRESS, May 4, 2008
"The Wee Mad Road is kind of like Peter Mayleís A Year in Provence, with rotten weather and lots of whisky."
       Bob Gilbert, VILLAGER, May 7, 2008
"...a two-year adventure of shearing sheep, learning folk songs and befriending locals. The whole romantic endeavor is captured in The Wee Mad Road."
       Kerri Westenberg, Minneapolis Sunday STAR TRIBUNE, June 22, 2008
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